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Wolfram Cheats p.3
In Himiko's parents Restaurant.....
"Sooo...Himiko whos the man?"asked Himika's dad,"Yeah..we want to know!"said Himiko's mom also.."you guys are sooo nosey....but ill tell you.His name is Wolfram."replied Himiko.Her parents stop doing work and looked at Himiko,"Papa,Mama?what?"Himika said scared,then there parents smiled,"we are soo proud of you that you found a man!"said the mother happily.Himiko smiled.Then they did a family group hug.
Back With Yuuri and Wolfram................
"Wolfram and lord Yuuri its getting late..."said conrad "alrite we'll be going to be in bed soon."replied Yuuri."where were you?when i usally come back in this world ur always here waiting for me.."asked Yuuri "Ohh..nothing i went out to get somthing thats all...and i also lost track of time..."said Wolfram thinking for an excuse."Well alright come on lets go to bed."said Yuuri weirdly.Then when Yuuri went upstairs,Wolfram did a huge sigh,"that was a close one....i dont know what to do if he figures out betw
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Wolfram Cheats Ch.2
In Yuuri's World....
"RUN! RUN!!!!"shouted the coach,Yuuri started running towards the coach,"Pant pant sorry coach im so tired pant pant..."Yuuri said tierdly,"just hit the showers!and Yuuri,you gotta pick up the paste if u want to hit a home run!!"said the coach "yes sir!"repiled Yuuri.Yuuri ran to the shower room,suddenly he bumped into someone.."HEY WATCH IT!!"someone said meanly.."ohh im sorry.."said Yuuri then when he looked up,it was the gangster crew that put his head in the toilet 2 weeks ago.Then four of the gangsters picked him up and took him to the "Ladies" restroom "NOT AGAIN!!"Yuuri thought.Then the leader crew pushed him into the stall then one of the gangsters shoved his head in the toilet then one other member flushed the toilet."AHHHH!!!"Yuuri shouted.Then he Landed in a fountain that had a dolphin statue."oww....i better watch where i'm going.."said Yuuri...
Back With Wolfram...
"Where do u wanna
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Wolfram Cheats
One day in the other world.....
"When is Yuuri coming back?"said Wolfram sadly,"i sure get lonely easily when hes not here!!!"wolfram said..." Wolfram did a sigh,"i guess i have to live with it!!!!"Wolfram said again....He stood up and walked inside in the castle..."Conrad is Yuuri back yet?"asked Wolfram,"No,im afraid not!!but im sure he will sooner or later!"replied Conrad.Wolfram did a sigh..."i just wish i can have somebody another girlfriend or boyfriend....THATS IT!!"thought Wolfram,Wolfram ran outside "conrad,if Yuuri comes back,contact me!"said Wolfram,then he left.He went outside to get his horse and went to a place where he could meet someone.Then he say a girl sitting on the beachside looking in the waves.."Im sooo lucky!!"thought Wolfram.He got off his horse and walked towards her."umm hey! what are you doing?"asked Wolfram "oh,umm...nothing i guess.."said the lady..Wolfram sat beside her,"my name is wolfram..."he said, the lady did a smile "My name is Himiko!ni
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Yuuram Portrait - KKM :iconshaorankun:ShaoranKun 125 49 KKM - Fall into Shinmakoku :iconwhite-crescent:white-crescent 18 9 KKM - Tonight You're Mine :iconwhite-crescent:white-crescent 35 15 Smile, Wolfram :iconshadychan:shadychan 89 11 In the Name of Justice :iconart-hobbit:art-hobbit 231 37 GUESS WHAT I JUST BOUGHT :iconariadimezzo:AriaDiMezzo 16 17 gwendal x gunter :iconyan-ryu:Yan-ryu 155 37
KKM: Crown of Flowers - Ch 1
Crown of Flowers
By Dejiko Mew Mew
"There! It's done!" Yuuri smiled to himself. He took the item in his hands and left the garden. It wasn't too long before he had located his target. "Ah! Wolfram!"
"What is it, Yuuri?" the blonde asked casually, turning around. He jumped back a bit when he met Yuuri's unusually ecstatic face. "Wh-What is it?" he asked again, a bit more rushed.
Yuuri moved his hands from behind his back and revealed in his palms a crown of flowers.
"Tada!" he beamed proudly.
"What... is it?" Wolfram asked one last time, this time an air of confusion in his tone.
"It's a crown!" Yuuri squealed happily. He quickly placed it upon Wolfram's head.
"I can see that, but..." he sighed. "What for?"
"Well, it's been one year since I first came to this land," Yuuri explained, "and therefore, one year since we've met."
Wolfram's face instantly reddened. His usual suave manner was thrown off as he tried to respond and could only stammer incomprehensibly.
"Th-Thanks," he retorted qu
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KKM: Crown of Flowers - Ch 4
Crown of Flowers
Chapter Four
By Dejiko Mew Mew
Yuuri dashed about the castle wildly, shouting for Konrad at the top of his lungs, over and over again.
"Heika...?" he responded with surprise when at last Yuuri had caught him. "What's wrong? You're out of breath."
"W... W... Wolfram...!" Yuuri expelled in short gasps. Konrad's eyes narrowed. He grabbed Yuuri's shoulders and gazed into his eyes.
"What about him?" Konrad asked.
"He's... He's been kidnapped!!" Yuuri bawled. To this, Konrad lowered his head and, although he attempted to hold it in, laughed a bit. "What's so funny!!?? Why does everyone laugh when I say that!!??" He remembered when Cheri had first told him, and GŁnter began laughing uncontrollably. He remembered when he ran to Gwendal's study, and even he seemed to crack his hard exterior and laugh a bit. "Not you, too, Konrad..."
"My apologies," Konrad bowed. "If it's Wolfram, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. He is quite strong, after all."
"But it's bec
:icondejikomewmew:DejikoMewMew 17 8
KKM- Ulrike :icondelusional-kitty:delusional-Kitty 6 6
When, When Series Chapter 1
Title:  When
Author:  Nicole
Rating:  Pg for a few words
Genre:  Angst
Chapter:  One Shot, Word Count 454
Comments:  Spoilers for who's soul Yuuri's got
I was feeling sad today.   That's why this thing is the way it is.
When.  When is it a good time to admit that you have lost?  That something you have struggled for is past your reach indefinitely.  No matter how your heart cries that it can't be true and that it refuses to simply step aside, the mind knows what is true.  Logic over the heart.  But how to convince heart and pride to let go?  When will it stop hurting?  Hurts to think about it, hurts to see him.  
Devotion.  Simply not enough.  How to accept that its not your heart's devotion he wants and how to breathe through the heartbreak.  Trying to keep a straight face, keeping all real emotions bel
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Because shonen-ai is hot :3
Hey! this is a club for KyoKara Maou :XD: if you love that show/manga this is the club for you!

:bulletpurple:How To Join

-To join you must send a note to the club saying "JOIN"


1. You must love KyoKara Maou (duh..)
2. Yaoi is very much welcomed :D
3. Do not submit any artwork that is not yours.
4.When you join you must devwatch us and put our avatar on your journal (to recruit more ppl :P)

To add our avatar, use this code: :*iconMaou-fans*: , just take out the *'s. ^_^


-If you want us to post your fanart here, please send us a note along with a link of your artwork.


None yet

:bulletpurple:Note</b> kojika we still owe you a prize for the last contest, please tell us what you'd like us to draw/animate. :)

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